We are a small, midwest breeding facility dedicated to excellence in breeding and genetic superiority. We strive to preserve the best traits and optimize the breed.

Here we produce all three sizes: miniature, medium and standard size.

Labradoodles and Goldendoodles have many advantages:  they don’t shed, they are great for anyone with allergies, come in many colors and sizes, great for kids of all ages and they are good with other pets.  They are also very loyal, playful, but nonaggressive.

Australian Labradoodles sprang up thru research and development. The first generation lab/poodle mix or F1 or F2, do not typically produce all of the qualities that are expected from a labradoodle.  Be cautious when purchasing a labradoodle, as many may say that  is what they have but do not. True multigenerational Australian Labradoodle means that initial offspring are bred several generations deep to create the breed characteristics.

All puppies are spayed or neutered before they go to their adopted homes around 8 weeks of age. They will have their first shots and be microchipped. If sold for breeding rights, separate pricing and contracts apply. 

There is a two year health guarantee for any genetic health issue that arises or we will replace the puppy.


Welcome To Our Farm