About Us

The success of WHITEHOUSE LABRADOODLE has been due to the entire family being involved in the raising and socialization of our puppies.

About the Breeder

Australian Labradoodles sprang up thru research and development. The first generation lab/poodle mix or F1 or F2, do not typically produce all of the qualities that are expected from a labradoodle. Be cautious when purchasing a labradoodle, as many may say that  is what they have but do not. True multigenerational Australian Labradoodle means that initial offspring are bred several generations deep to create the breed characteristics.

With five children in our home, every puppy gets much attention and love. They can play on our twenty acre midwest farm or we can travel nearby to a beautiful protected park named Oak Openings. Their start in life is their best guarantee of a wonderful temperament. Proper socialization is extremely important and we provide every puppy with a healthy physical and mental start in life as well as educate the buyers about continuing to socialize the puppies after they leave here. We take great care to be sure our puppies will be well socialized before they go to their new homes.

As a responsible breeder, we take great care and attention in all aspect of breeding with a special focus on temperament. Of course, health and conformation are also important aspects and we are completely committed to preserving the characteristics and soundness of the Australian Multigenerational Labradoodle.

If sold for breeding rights, separate pricing and contracts apply.

2 year Health Guarantee

There is a two year health guarantee for any genetic health issue that arises or we will replace the puppy. We want you to whole-heartedly enjoy your new family member with a peace of mind knowing you made the right decision.

Shots and Microchipped

Puppies will have age appropriate immunizations and be microchipped.